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FLink Set


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Cut by hand. Linked, folded and finished by hand.

- - -

'FLink' stands for 'Fake Link'.

The FLink Set features two court cards, usually a matching King and a Queen.

Each card has a simple rectangular 'frame' cut out of it. These two frames are permanently inter-linked. The cards cannot be separated without cutting or destroying them. However, the two frames both seem perfectly intact, so each FLink Set looks impossibe.

- - -

Unlike all the other cards on this site, each FLink Set does contain a secret cut and join somewhere and there is some adhesive involved. This should be obvious, since I can't alter the laws of physics or geometry.

However, the secret join is very well hidden indeed, which gives each FLink Set its rather 'impossible' flavour. Both cards in the set look 99% as they would as if the linking had been achieved by magic.

I cannnot give you a guarantee that no-one will ever figure out how the FLink Set is made. That's not something I or anyone else can guarantee.

Here's what I can honestly tell you. I've been making FLink Sets for over ten years. In that time, I have often handed these linked cards out to people to study and examine. No 'layman' has ever been able to figure out how they are made, even when given a FLink Set to study and examine for a few minutes. Even many notable magicians have professed themselves baffled. If you happen to meet someone who has studied the history of linked card tricks and techniques, there's a fair chance they will know how the cards are made. But these people are fairly rare. (See the additional note below.)

So that's what my FLink Sets are: two cards linked together in a seemingly impossible way.

Making each FLink Set is difficult and time-consuming. It involves about 20 separate stages and is quite detailed work. Sometimes, I get part way through the process and have to start again!

- - -

Note for specialists in this area. You will understand if what follows is expressed in covert terms. If you happen to have in-depth knowledge of card linking methods, you will know of a magician called S______ B___ who pioneered effects of this kind, including the effect of linking a card to part of itself. My method is similar to his, but there are some differences. I'm trying to achieve a slightly different result, and I have added a couple of original refinements to his method that I think help to make the result cleaner and 'more impossible'. I'm not trying to take away any of the credit that should rightly go to SB. I'm saying that I studied his work and the work of others, and then tried to add subtleties and refinements to achieve the most 'perfect' impossible link I could devise.

- - -

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