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What Are They For?

- - -

Ian Cards have as many uses as you can imagine.

Use them as gifts, souvenirs, keepsakes, decorations and bookmarks. They are unique and distinctive and, because they are small, light and flat , they are easy to pack / carry / send by mail.

Use them to bring a little love and romance into the world. The Lovelink and Hearts cards are wonderful gifts to give to someone you care about. Not many things are likely to have the same impact!

Use them as a focus for meditation, inspiration and contemplation. (Or, perhaps, exasperation!)

Use them as puzzles and 'impossible objects', if you're into that sort of thing.

Use them in teaching, training and education to stimulate thinking and illustrate ideas: ("Just because something looks impossible doesn't mean it is impossible").

Use them as amazing, captivating visual metaphors: ("You think this new sales target is hard? Well, look at this card made just by slitting and folding, without joins or glue. If someone can figure out how to make this, we can figure out how to hit this target").

Use them  for promotional or advertising purposes. Every single time you hand someone one of these cards, it will get their focus and attention. This happens every single time, without fail. Why? Because every Ian Card is visually striking, delightfully 'tactile' and interesting to hold and examine, and because nobody has ever seen anything like them before.

A few people, including some artists I know, regard Ian Cards as works of art. I don't share this opinion, but it's nice that some people think my cards have artistic merit.

- - -